Know Your Rights to Observe the Holidays

Some students are being forced to attend classes or labs or turn in surprise tests or papers on the Yomim Tovim / High Holidays. They are not aware that this violates school policies and may even be illegal. Most states have laws (and most schools have policies) that state a school cannot force any student to violate his/her religious beliefs. If your professor or one of the faculty demands that you attend class or a lab (or turn in a quiz or test) on a Holiday, you should inform them of the Holiday and asks them to be excused or to be able to makeup any tests / labs / quizzes / papers on another day other than one of the Holidays. If they still refuse, please contact us and we would be happy to write a letter of explanation including applicable school policies and state laws that protect the right of all students to observe their religious beliefs.

If you are being forced to choose between success at school and your rights to observe the Jewish holidays without being penalized, please contact us so we can help.