Seder Table

Passover @ Chabad

Its too good to Passover!!  We cordially invite Jewish students, faculty and young professionals to come experience an unforgettable Passover Seder with our family in the warm and inviting atmosphere of our home!

Come experience a personal exodus from your day-to-day life as you enjoy:
  • Following along "like a boss" with our easy-to-use hebrew/english Passover Haggadahs  / guides
  • Your own crispy bread of faith: Matzah!
  • Not 1, 2 or 3 but...4 cups of wine or grape juice!
  • Catchy Passover tunes!
  • Horseradish so hot it may qualify as an alternative energy source!
  • Charotzes (the apples, nuts and wine mix - Yum!)
  • Special VIP guest (i.e, you!)
  • A delicious home-made meal your mother would be proud of.
So lets all celebrate some serious freedom together this Passover!


Chabad of Auraria Campus
450 S. Krameria St
Denver, CO 80224

When: (come for either or both nights)

First night:Friday Mar. 30th at 8:20pm - 10:45pm
Second night: Sat Mar 31st at 8:30pm - 10:55pm

Reserve your spot now using our convenient Passover Reservation Form !

Note: If you'd like to make a donation to help us offset the costs of providing the seders or would like to be listed as a sponsor of a seder (thank you!), please contact us or use the Donate Online tab to donate directly.