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First class is on Feb. 11th.  Note: Classes will be held at our home (transportation will be made available)

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Send us an email letting us you registered so we can follow up to make sure your registration is processed quickly.  Register early to ensure you get a spot in this semester's group.   Upon acceptance into Sinai Scholars, you will be notified and will receive a student handbook and class materials.


Sinai Scholars Think Jewish Course

In colleges and universities across North America, the Sinai Scholars Society infuses campus life with meaningful, enjoyable and memorable Judaism.
The semester-long program offers a stimulating course of authentic Jewish studies that is complemented by an array of educational activities and field trips.

Membership in the Society opens up a range of benefits that include a study stipend ($350 upon fulfillment of all course requirements), complimentary National Jewish Retreat enrollment (a $1500 value), and entry into the national Sinai Scholars Symposium and networking events.

The Sinai Scholars Society invites you to join an open and warm community of peers on a journey of study and self discovery. The skills, knowledge and experience you gain will help you become passionate, informed Jewish leaders on campus and in your community.

In the words of previous graduates...

“Throughout this course I was able to connect with other Jewish students and find new and interesting perspectives on the religion I grew up with... and become proud once again of my heritage.”
—Jake G., MSUD

“Throughout the few weeks of the course, I have learned quite a lot but I also learned about myself....This course through Sinai Scholars has helped me learn more about Judaism and increased my desire to continue learning about it.”
—Melissa S., MSUD

“[In addition to the class], I enjoyed being able to hang out with Jewish kids on my campus because we don't see each other often enough.”
—David G., MSUD