Successful Meeting with Administration Regarding Jewish Student Needs


 Rabbi and Rebbetzin Ort had a very successful meeting with the chief officers of the Diversity and Inclusion organizations across UCD, MSUD and CCD on Nov 13th.

 They agreed to work with the departments and faculty on campus to ensure that tests are not scheduled on Rosh Hoshanna, Yom Kippur or the first and last days of Passover.  We told them that they can calculate when those holidays coincide with the secular calendar many years in advance.     

 They also want to know if there are any incidents of anti-Jewish or anti-Israel bias against students.  If you or someone you know are the victim of any type of anti-Jewish or anti-Israel bias, please let us know and we will work with you and get you in touch with the right people on campus quickly to address the issue.

We are also working to explore kosher options for students on campus in addition to the use of various venues for events and services for Jewish students and faculty.