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Soul Maps:  Kabbalah to Navigate Your Inner World 


All successful graduates of the Core / Think Jewish Sinai Scholars class are encouraged to attend this exciting follow-up class that introduces you to the Tanya, a 200-year-old text with a revolutionary new look at human psychology. It provides Kabbalah-based tools to help you understand yourself. 

Until the publication of Tanya, the Kabbalah was an esoteric discipline that was studied and understood by only a select few. Tanya, however, sought to make the teachings of Kabbalah practical, relevant, and accessible.

 If you attend this course, you will experience six sessions of spiritual counseling from a master of Kabbalah and the nature of the soul while finding useful strategies for developing joy, purpose, and direction in everyday life.

To apply for the spring semester (1st class is on Feb. 17th), scroll down to the bottom and click on the Apply Now button at: 

Registration closes Feb. 15th at noon .   Register early to ensure you get a spot in this semester's group.   Upon acceptance into Sinai Scholars, you will be notified and will receive a student handbook and class materials.

Successful graduates of the follow-up class will receive a $150 stipend and will be notified about other follow-on / advanced classes including the upcoming Fascinating Facts class.