challah.jpgApple and Honey Dish

Rosh Hashana Packages to Go


Out of concern for the both the physical and spiritual health of Jewish students at the universities of Auraria Campus, we are offering Rosh Hoshanna Packages to Go for Jewish Auraria Campus students this year (may it be the only year we have to do this).


Each Rosh Hashana Package will have:

  • Sweet Challah

  • Sliced Apple Packet

  • Honey Packet or Honey Straw

  • Pomegranate 

  • Grape Juice (for Kiddush) 

  • Booklet about Rosh Hashana

  • Honey Cake or Honey Cookies (optional)

If you or another Jewish student at Auraria Campus are in town for Rosh Hoshana, please order your Rosh Hashana Package to Go ASAP by either calling us @ 3 / 399-7622 or emailing us at   .