Special Sponsorship Opprtunities

Good news:  We have been having incredible success with our On-Campus-Shabbat every other week on campus!!! 

Bad news:  It required several one-time purchases and requires a stay at a hotel on campus and purchasing lots of food each time to make it possible.

Great news:  You can be a part of making it happen!!   Pick an item below and specify which item you'd like to sponsor as part of  your tax-deductible contribution via our Online Donation Page .

One Time Purchases:

Fridge for Golda Meir House Already Sponsored!
2 Tray Food Warmer $188
2 Pot Soup Warmer $189
1 Warming Tray $65
4 Containers with locks for storage $175

Monthly Recurring Costs:

1 1/2 days @ hotel @ $215/day (incl. taxes) - 2x month $645  
Food @ $350 per Shabbos twice a month $700

We have been told by many of the attendees at our Shabbats that they are really grateful for the opportunity to connect with their Jewish community on campus.

Its amazing people like *YOU* that partner with us to make that happen! Thank you!!