We made it to 18% of our goal!  We need your help to make it to the goal!

Friend and supporter,

We cannot deliver the programming and services that Jewish students need now without a Chabad House next to campus. We have to stay at a hotel and use 1 of only 2 possible places on campus for Shabbat and Holidays services and meals. And 1 of them has been shut down by the campus due to security concerns.   Even with both of them, they are barely useable for providing Shabbat / Holiday programming.

With more and more students living on or next to campus, we cannot keep up any longer by using the hotel and extremely limited campus facilities. We need a separate Chabad House NOW! The Chabad House will have a kosher kitchen and the facilities necessary to provide Shabbat and Holiday services and meals as well as classes! It will be a 10-15 minute walk from campus and most students don't have cars.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible.  Donate now at www.raisethon.com/chabadauraria

Help us purchase a new Chabad House! It will have room enough for student services, meals and events and allow our family to be right near the students without needing to stay at a hotel.

We have a donor who will match dollar for dollar up to $300,000 for an effective total of $600,000 but he will only give as a match! Please help us reach our goal and make this a reality for the Jewish students we continue to serve for the past 18 years!  Time is of the essence and we need to have a place setup for the Spring semester. Arm in Arm, we will make this happen!

Your donation is fully tax-deductible.  Donate now at www.raisethon.com/chabadauraria

Every donor of $25,000 or more will be honored on a Pillars of the Chabad House plaque in the new Chabad House.

With love and appreciation,

Rabbi Yisrael and Aura Ort

Chabad of Auraria Campus