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  • WelcomeWelcome to Chabad of Auraria Campus! We are the heart of Jewish campus life for students and faculty at MSUD, UCD and CCD! Read More
  • Purim in ThailandJoin us for a socially distanced Megillah reading and amazing Thai dinner for college students, alumni and young professionals. RSVP now (seating is limited). Read more...
  • Want a Purim Gift PackageWe've got the Purim gift packages with all sorts of delicious treats for this Friday (Feb. 26th). Request yours now while supplies last. Read more...
  • New Tanya / Jewish Mysticism ClassTake a journey through the esoteric and mystical dimension of the Torah every Wednesday evening. Read more...
  • Got Mezuzah?We are providing free kosher mezuzahs to students, faculty and young professionals with assistance in putting them up. Read more...
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Standing there, looking down from Mount Sinai, Moses had to make a decision. In his hands, he held two tablets, the work of G-d, engraved by G-d with His own words. No objects more precious than these two stone tablets had ever materialized in this universe. Below, he beheld his people in the debauchery of their sin, worshipping a golden calf only forty days after hearing from G-d Himself, “You shall have no other gods.” If Moses would hold onto the tablets, he would have to deliver them, and then, he knew, none of those who had any involvement with the golden calf would have a chance of survival. He was their leader, their shepherd. Yet it was to receive the Torah...
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There are three crowns: the crown of Torah, the crown of priesthood and the crown of royalty; but the crown of good name surmounts them all.
Ethics of the Fathers 4:13

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March 27 - April 4, 2021