Know When You Are Experiencing Anti-Semitism

Given the terrible atrocities that recently occurred against Jews in Israel and the astonishing rallies in support of the murders and rapes of Jews from babies to the elderly in communities and especially on campuses, we realize that there are occurrences of hatred toward Jews on college campuses.  If you experience any type of discrimination or hatred (including verbally or online via campus email or social media), please let us know ASAP!  

There was several occurrence recently including the vile protests on campus in support of the massacre on October 7th as well as other incidents.  These incidents included professors calling to boycott Jewish owned businesses.    If you have experienced anything remotely similar from students or professors, please lets us know as soon as possible!  We need as much evidence to bring to universities as possible to get the universities to take action NOW. 

Help us send a clear message that Jewish students are safe and welcome on campus.  You will not only be doing yourself a favor but also your fellow Jewish students and Jews all over the world by preventing the spread of antisemtism.