Seder Table

Passover @ Chabad

Its too good to Pass-over!!  We cordially invite Jewish college students and young professionals to come experience an inspiring Passover Seder with our family in the warm and inviting atmosphere of our home!

Come experience a personal exodus from your day-to-day life as you enjoy:
  • Following along "like a boss" with our easy-to-use hebrew/english Passover Haggadahs  / guides
  • Your own crispy bread of faith: Matzah!
  • Not 1, 2 or 3 but...4 cups of wine or grape juice!
  • Catchy Passover tunes!
  • Horseradish so hot it may qualify as an alternative energy source!
  • Charotzes (the apples, nuts and wine mix - Yum!)
  • Special VIP guest (i.e, you!)
  • A delicious home-made meal your mother would be proud of.
So lets all celebrate some serious freedom together this Passover!


Chabad of Auraria Campus
450 S. Krameria St
Denver, CO 80224

When: (come for either or both nights)

First night: Monday April. 22nd at 7:30pm (sharp) - 9:30pm
Second night: Tuesday April 23rd at 8:30pm (sharp) - 11pm

Reserve your spot now since space is limited, using our convenient Passover Reservation Form !

Note: If you'd like to make a donation to help us offset the costs of providing the seders or would like to be listed as a sponsor of a seder (thank you!), please contact us or use the Donate Online tab to donate directly.