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Partner with Us!

Simply put: we care. That care has motivated our family to serve the Jewish community at and around the downtown Auraria Campus since in 2005. Our purpose is to provide a home away from home and a nurturing Jewish environment for the students, alumni (and faculty) we are dedicated to serving.

Now imagine yourself trying to succeed and become the person you know you can be at college. Life is pretty stressful. Then you come over to our house where you are welcomed as part of the family and feel truly at home with a Rabbi and Rebbetzin who are always in your corner. You feel invigorated and recharged to succeed even more in school, your personal life and of course as a proud Jew!

So to recap, why do we exist? Because we care. How do we show that care? By committing to our campus community forever. What happens as a result of our caring? We provide a home away from home for Jewish students (and faculty) at UCD, MSUD, CCD and the Health Science Center in  downtown Denver.

We do not collect any personal salaries or payments from donations. Also, note we do not receive any funding from nor send any payments to any other Chabad-Lubavitch organization including Chabad in Colorado. 100% of your tax-deductible contributions go directly to and only to Chabad of Auraria Campus activities, events and services. Whether $18, $36, $72, $180, $360 or $3,600: every dollar counts to help ensure our continued success!

Below is our yearly budget as well as one-time sponsorship opportunities. These costs do not factor in the cost/value of the tremendous time and effort we, as the Rabbi and Rebbetzin, put into making every event and activity a smashing success.

On behalf of Aura and myself and the amazing Jewish students and faculty of the colleges of Auraria Campus, thank you!!!

Rabbi Yisrael Moshe and Aura Ort

You can donate online at:  http://www.chabadofaurariacampus.org/donate

Or send a check (made out to Chabad of Auraria Campus) to:

Chabad of Auraria Campus

450 S. Krameria St.

Denver, CO 80224


Note: Chabad of Auraria Campus does not receive any funding from or pay dues to any other Chabad-Lubavitch organization including Chabad of Colorado.  All contributions go directly to and only to Chabad of Auraria Campus activities, events and services.

Monthly Costs


Friday Night Shabbat meals for a month (including disposable goods) ($300 per meal * 4.5 for around 20-30 guests)


Materials/Food for classes / tabling per month


Chabad Website Tools and Content


Website Domain registration



Total monthly costs:


Total per year:




Yearly Costs


Business Cards, flyers, banners and advertising


Special themed Shabbats /Shabbatons in the Mountains (excess over general Shabbos costs including lodging, supplies, activities and events)


Themed Purim Party for Students and Alumni / Young Professionals (venue, entertainment, costumes, traditional pastries and food, shaloach manot gifts and plasticware)


Plane tickets for help for Purim


Channukah Party for Students and Alumni / Young Professionals  (venue, traditional doughnuts and potato pancakes, dreidels, chocolate, take-home menorahs with candles and more)


Plane ticket for help on Channukah $300

Matzah for Passover


Passover meals for students and parents (both nights together - includes food, disposables, and general kitchen supplies and Passover-specific supplies as well as help)


Shluchim/Shlucha conferences/training


Sukkot costs (Sukkah hut structure supplies, meals for guests, special 4 kinds / species for sharing observance holiday, sukkah mobile)


25 *kosher* Mezuzot to give out @ $50 each 1250

Total yearly costs:




One-Time Sponsorships:



 50 UCD Jewish RoadRunner Kippahs  $262.50
 50 MSUD Jewish Lynx Kippahs  $262.50